Let’s not bury the lead here: We won Gameday! Wooooooooooooooo!

Drana Gameday Playmat

Before getting into the actual tournament, let’s take a look at the decklist below.  You may notice that this is a few cards different from the build I put together on stream last week. (You can see the deck in action here).

Before the tournament

Last week I brewed up this sweet WB Tokens deck and tested it a bit on Magic Online. I was really happy with the deck and felt very comfortable with how to play it, so when I finally decided to play Gameday it was an easy choice what to sleeve up. I made a few adjustments to the deck before the tournament, which you can see here:

+2 Treasure Cruise -2 Painful Truths: This was just an oversight on my part. I got so excited that we could consistently cast Painful Truths for 3 because of the blue that I completely missed that Treasure Cruise would just be better in that slot.

+2 Dispel -2 Seeker of the Way: Seeker is easily the weakest card in the deck and ideally we would cut all of them, but I haven’t found a good way to do that yet. After watching some pro coverage last week I realized that there are a few very powerful instants in standard right now, and Dispel acts almost like another targeted removal spell for our deck.

+1 Prairie Stream -1 Plains: Part of the reason for this was increasing the number of blue spells in the deck, but also because it allows you access to White mana even if you only have Swamps and Polluted Deltas in hand.

+1 Stasis Snare -1 Complete Disregard: The main point of Complete Disregard was to have an instant speed exile effect for 3 mana. Initially I didn’t run Stasis Snare in fear of Dromoka’s Command, but after I realized that because Command gives us the choice of which enchantment to sacrifice, Stasis Snare isn’t nearly as vulnerable as I had initially thought.

+1 Ob Nixilis Reignited -1 Reave Soul: Reave Soul is a fine spell in the deck and possibly better than Seeker of the Way, but it was a mistake to play it over Ob Nixilis, who is extremely powerful and definitely owns a slot in our deck.

+2 Duress -2 Despise: Since we have plenty of good creature removal, Despise isnt really necessary. If we are going to lose, its often by other planeswalkers or powerful spells, which Duress can take care of for us.

Round 1 (0-0) vs Atarka Red

One of my favorite things about our deck is that is has a great matchup against Atarka Red – I am so tired of building sweet decks that just snap lose to Red… no longer I say! Game 1 went pretty smoothly after we made some good blocks and trades with our early creatures and then blew out our opponent with a murderous cut for 1 after they went for a big Become Immense turn. Bringing in the full 4-of Surge of Righteousness as well as a Languish and Ultimate Price gave us a big advantage post-sideboard and we took the match quickly. 1-0.

monastery_swiftspear Become Immense meet Murderous Cut

Round 2 (1-0) vs Abzan

Thank goodness we main decked those Dispels! On the play we ran out a pair of early Hangarback Walkers and our opponent’s strategy was to Abzan Charm them away. On back-to-back turns we Dispelled the Abzan Charms and punished our opponent for not developing their board. Game 2 we mulliganed down to 6 and lost our Gideon, Ally of Zendikar to nice Duress from our opponent. A pair of Siege Rhino later and we were toast. Game 3 went down to the wire with our life total hitting 2. After removing all our opponent’s threats, we used Shambling Vents and a one-time Sorin, Solemn Visitor +1 to get our life total back up to 10. Our opponent landed an Ugin, the Spirit Dragon but since our Thopters are colorless, he could only 3 us to the face and try to race. Retreat to Emeria + Flooded Strand gave our army of thopters +2/+2 and we finally pulled out the close victory. 2-0.

   FloodedStrand So sweet

Round 3 (2-0) vs Jeskai Tokens

While I’m guessing this is normally not a strong matchup for us because of all of our 1-for-1 removal, we had a few key turns that won this match for us. We were lucky enough to have an Utter End in our opening hand on the play Game 1, so when our opponent slammed Jeskai Ascendancy on turn 3, we were able to exile it immediately. After Silkwraping their Hangarback Walker the following turn, our opponent was left with a bunch of low impact cards that couldn’t stop our active Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. Game 2 was a breeze after we let our opponent overcommit with 3 token makers and then slammed our sideboarded Languish, leaving them again with a few low impact resources and no way to keep up with the power level of our spells. 3-0.

Utter End LanguishPromo Good draws, but thats why we put them in the deck!

Round 4 (3-0) vs GB Aristocrats

I felt a little bad punishing this deck because I really love the aristocrat brews, but what can you do. Game 1 we hit our opponent with a turn 1 Duress snagging Collected Company and then ultimate priced a Drana, Liberator of Malakir. Unfortunately for our opponent, Aristocrats decks usually rely on one or two payoff cards which create synergy with the rest of the deck (full of subpar cards). As you can imagine, if you don’t let them hit these payoff cards, random Sultai Emissarys and Blisterpods wont keep up with cards like Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Ob Nixilis Reignited. Game 2 we hit a huge Nantuko Husk with a Surge of Righteousness and never looked back. 4-0.

SultaiEm Blisterpod These cards don’t do much without the payoff cards

Round 5 (4-0) vs Abzan

Time for the finals, win this and we win Gameday! Game 1 was tough, with lots of trading resources back and forth. Luckily for us we had two Shambling Vents, meaning each time the coast was clear we just drained away our opponent into dust. I’m not sure whether our opponent mis-sideboarded in Game 2 or just got a really bad draw, but they didn’t really do…anything. The first spell that was cast was our own Gideon, Ally of Zendikar, which actually survived most of the match and carried us to victory as we backed him up with removal and dispels. When our opponent finally got rid of Gideon we simply cast a huge Secure the Wastes end of turn and just one-shot our opponent for the win. 5-0.

shamblingvent securethewastes These are really difficult opponents to interact with

Gameday Champion! (5-0)

We finally won a standard tournament, and added our 3rd consecutive Gameday top 8! Not only did we go 5-0 in matches, but we were also 10-1 in games. I was very pleased with the deck, it was a ton of fun to play and seemed to have a decent matchup against all our opponents. I would make a few more small adjustments to the deck including running another Stasis Snare and maybe a Wingmate Roc but overall the deck is exactly what I want it to be. Based on how the metagame shifts, I could definitely see adjusting the removal package to match as well.

That’s probably it for standard for a while though, back to drafting! Thanks for reading, and now lets check out our sweet prizes!

www.twitch.tv/telemokos (Streaming every Monday night)

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